Dance Companies

Dance Companies

The Movement Dance Company

TMDC is a multi-style dance company with a mission to provide excellent, training, education, and performance opportunities for talented dancers; and a vision to open the door for artists to create and rediscover dance through collaboration.

The Movement Ballet

TMB has a mission to create versatile and healthy dancers who are highly technical and perform with confidence and artistry. The aim is to craft an assured and creative dancer who plans to enter the current dance world, ready for opportunity and advancement.

iDance has been so much more than a dance studio.

This year more than ever, young people craved human interaction. For months, many of them were trapped in a virtual world, going to school online and connecting with friends only through devices. Their lives were upended, their summers were taken, and they were often isolated from their friends. They learned how much being together meant to them.

iDance gave them the gift of togetherness.

Especially during these critical years in their lives, these young dancers needed that interaction. They needed to know that something they loved would still be there, and that it would love them back. While worried about everything happening in the world, even with uncertainty and unknown risks for their own families, the instructors and staff got creative. They found ways to bring the dancers into the studio.

iDance gave them home.
iDance gave them normalcy.
iDance gave them a home.

– Kevin & Amy Hughes
Parents of iDance Student, Erin Hughes