Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Last updated March 2022

The CDC has updated its masking guidelines, with its focus moving away from transmission numbers and more towards the number of hospitalizations. This change puts JCC in the medium-risk category and York County in the low-risk category. The new CDC guidelines say that only in areas in the high-risk category is it necessary for most to mask indoors. This is a significant change from the previous guidelines.

Throughout this pandemic, we have looked to the CDC and VDH to guide our studio’s policies. In light of these guideline changes, as of Thursday, March 3rd, the studio will no longer require masking indoors for adults or students. Those who prefer to continue to wear a mask are encouraged to do so. Our faculty and staff fully support every family’s choice, whether it is in class or on stage.

CDC guidelines for quarantine and isolation have not changed. If you are exhibiting any COVID symptoms, please continue to refrain from coming into the studio for 5 days from the onset of symptoms or until symptoms are improving. If you have been exposed, please continue to follow CDC guidelines. In the event there is an exposure in the studio, we will continue to notify families by email so that you may monitor for symptoms.

In the event our location’s risk assessment should be upgraded, our mask policy may change again. For more information regarding these guideline changes, please refer to the CDC website: CDC Community Levels Guide

The Board, faculty, and staff appreciate all your support and patience as we have navigated through the many phases of this pandemic. Please feel free to reach out with any questions regarding this policy change.