The Movement Ballet

The Movement Ballet

The mission of The Movement Ballet is to create versatile and healthy dancers who are highly technical and perform with confidence and artistry.

The training received as a member of TMB is based on a broad-spectrum classical technique, founded on the American Ballet Theatre® National Training Curriculum. We aim to craft an assured and creative dancer who plans to enter the current dance world, ready for opportunity and advancement.

2023-24 Company

Mary Barrett
Catherine Franzone
Evelyn Johns
Audrey Judson
Brooke Lacasse
Allison Mark
Isabella Nguyen
Emily Persinger
Meg Peters
Francine Peterson
Leah Pfister
Miranda Powers
Giuliana Vergara
Mya Walls

iDance has instilled so much confidence in Quinn. One of our favorite memories is from 2 years ago when Quinn put on a full 3 minute dance performance for our friends on New Year’s Eve…the teachers and encironment at iDance have given her the confidence to express herself that way and it’s awesome to watch as parents. We are also grateful that iDance has allowed our business to partner with them as a corporate sponsor…iDance continues to empower so many of our community’s youth and we are proud to be a part of that!

– Matt & Patti Eppright