Recital Handbook

I-Dance Parent Recital Handbook
For many years now, The Institute for Dance has provided students with an exciting performance experience through its June recital. The recital offers our students a professionally directed performance that allows them to present to their families and friends the results of a year’s hard work, dedication, and progress.
A big part of the dance training process includes learning through performance. The experience helps build self-esteem, self- assurance, and contributes to a sense of confidence. Although performance opportunities can help prepare for some students for a career in dance, they also contribute to children’s success in non-dance activities. The onstage experience can result in better in- school presentations and improved social skills. The rehearsal process is a tremendous learning experience as well. It helps the children develop retention skills, and by working with their classmates on a group performance, they learn the positive aspects of working as a team to create the best end result.
Dedication to recital commitments is the responsibility of both students and their parents. We’ve created this handbook in the effort to clarify what we expect from you in terms of commitments and responsibility to the annual recital, the school, and other students and parents.
Part 1: The Commitment Important Dates:
Costume balances due February 10th.
June Show Dress Rehearsal – TBA

June Show Recital – TBA
As the season progresses, additional recital information or updates will be posted on the Institute for Dance website, and emailed in monthly newsletter. Make it your responsibility to keep abreast of this important information. Our goal is to make the recital an organized, exciting experience for everyone involved. It’s a team effort; students, their parents, the teachers, the staff and the director are all key players in the show’s success.
Home Study
To ensure that the students feel confident about their performance, we ask parents to encourage them to rehearse their recital choreography on a regular basis. Bring in a blank CD and we will copy the music for you.
We spend many hours determining the correct costumes for each class. They are always age-appropriate and the highest quality possible. Costumes typically include all accessories, but not tights or shoes.
Costume Payments
In an effort to ensure that costumes are delivered in time for photographs and an organized distribution to our students, costume orders are placed in January and February. Costume manufacturers do not accept cancellations or offer refunds; therefore the school does not refund costume payments.
Costumes will not be ordered until accounts are up to date or payment arrangements have been made. Parents accept full responsibility for all expenses, including surcharges and postage for costumes that are ordered late.
Costume measuring happens starting in September. Every child will be measured in order to determine his or her proper costume size(s).
Alterations are sometimes needed after the costumes have been distributed and are the responsibility of the parent. We can recommend people willing to make alterations at a minimal fee so please ask in the office for their contact information.
Costumes will be distributed when all outstanding balances for the session are paid in full. To ensure that there are no costume issues, students should not wear their costumes, accessories, or tights except to the photo session, dress rehearsal or performance.
No refunds will be made if a parent withdraws a child from the school after costumes have been ordered and prior to the recital. Parents may pick up purchased costumes at the school at the time of general costume distribution and up until the last day of classes for the current session.
Costume Expense
The costumes are $55.00 for child sizes and $65.00 for adult sizes. Any extra-large sizes require an additional $5.00 charge. Accessories, such as headpieces or gloves, are typically included in the cost of the costume. Tights and shoes are not included.
Costume Care
We recommend that each student’s name be placed in his or her costumes, shoes, accessories, and tights. Place the costumes in a garment bag with your child’s name on the outside.
Tips: Costume Common Sense
• Always have a second pair of tights available
• Place costumes in a garment bag for travel
• Hang costumes before each performance
• Place your name in all costumes and shoes
The recital isn’t a one-day activity. Gather all costumes, accessories, shoes, and make-up several days in advance so you’ll know if something is missing. Make a checklist of your child’s routines, listing their costume, tights, shoes, and any accessories, and refer to it to make sure you have all your supplies before going to the theatre.
Bring at least one extra pair of tights of each color. Also bring extra hair gel, hair nets, bobby pins and hairspray. Also bring make-up remover wipes.
Part IV: Dress Rehearsal
Participation in the dress rehearsal is mandatory unless an agreement was made with the instructor. The dress rehearsal allows the students to become familiar with the auditorium surroundings and feel comfortable with their performance, costume(s), and being onstage. Lighting, music cues, set changes, and all other logistics for an organized and professional performance are rehearsed so that the students are prepared.
We do our best to run an organized and timely dress rehearsal; your help will guarantee a better production. Please arrive 30 minutes before you designated time with make-up and hair done ready to put on your costume when you arrive. Dancers may leave after they are done performing but for the performers that will be at dress rehearsal all day, Philly Pretzels will be selling snacks and drinks will be available to purchase as well.
All students signed up for finale’ must purchase an I-Dance shirt specific for the finale’ and attend all rehearsals which will be held at the studio.
Dress rehearsal Drop-Off and Pickup
Parent should bring the students to their assigned dressing rooms where they will be checked in and placed under the supervision of their class mom(s). When a class has completed its last performance, the students will return to their dressing room to be picked up.
Recital Performance Arrival and Dismissal
For the show you are performing in, which can be just one or all 3, please arrive an hour before the show is to begin whether you are in 1st or 2nd act. Do not come in costume. You will be directed toward the correct dressing room where you will be placed under supervision of the class mom(s). Students are to remain back-stage until the end of each act and cannot leave in the middle of an act. Boys are assigned their own dressing room and for the comfort of our female dancers, no men are allowed backstage unless they are assigned to help in the boys dressing room. Keep in mind that everything we do is to ensure the safety of your child.
Special Note:
Please do not attempt to pick up your child during the performance. All students will be under the supervision of responsible adults and will be safe for the length of the 1st or 2nd Act or the entire performance if they are in both!!!!
Dress Rehearsal:
We will be sending home a rehearsal schedule with rehearsal time for each dance your child is participating in. The dress rehearsal will be on Saturday, May 20 at Crosswalk Church.
Part 6: Recital Photography and DVD’s
Recital Group Photos will be taken on the day of dress rehearsal.
Recital DVD’s tba
Part 7: Recital Tickets
Ticket Policies
After spring break, you will be receiving your assigned show for your ticket purchasing with the dates and times tickets go on sale tickets and you can buy as many as you need. Ticket price is $15.00. Tickets can be purchased on-line only!
In an effort to create an organized and professional atmosphere, each member of the family must have a seat. Children under the age of 3 will be allowed to sit on a parent’s lap. If younger siblings would be uncomfortable remaining seated for two to three hours, please don’t bring them to the recital. Children who are running around the auditorium are distracting to audience members.
Part 8: Recital Policies Video and Photography
No video or flash photography will be allowed at the recital.
Auditorium Rules
No eating or drinking is allowed in the auditorium. When they are not onstage, dancers must remain in the dressing rooms with their class moms during the dress rehearsal and recital.
Family members and friends don’t belong backstage or in the dressing rooms during the recital. There is a lot of backstage activity in a limited space, and dressing rooms are a private area. Please remind your family and guests to be respectful of these areas. Those who wish to greet a performer after the show or present flowers should do so in the lobby areas. For our dancers’ comfort there are no men allowed backstage at any time.
Recital Volunteer Information
We will be sending out a sign-up sheet via email and we encourage Parents to volunteer. The recital weekend is a hectic experience; all volunteers must work in a cooperative manner at all times. Our backstage managers work very hard to put an efficient system in place, and we ask that all volunteers rely on their experience and follow their instructions.
Class Moms
Class mothers are needed for each class to supervise the dancers. Class moms must ensure that each child in her care is safe and accounted for. Backstage moms make sure that each child is in the proper costume, has the proper accessories and shoes, and is backstage at the appropriate time. They are also responsible for seeing that all children return to their appointed dressing room after their performance. The number of volunteers needed for each class will be determined by the age of students. Class moms must be backstage for the duration of dress rehearsal and Recital.
Pre-Show Things To Do
1. Order flowers
2. Practice hair and makeup
3. Buy your tickets
4. Make sure you know what all the accessories are for your costume, if any.
Show Time To Do List
1. Do not come to the recital or dress rehearsal in costume. Have it hung up, you can change in the dressing rooms. 2. No panties under costumes
3. No jewelry
6. Pack activities for little ones
8. No parent is allowed backstage unless they are a volunteer
10. Everyone must wear makeup.
11. No flash photography
12. No videotaping, there are DVDs available for purchase
14. Put your name on everything you bring
16. Arrive at rehearsal and recital with hair and make DONE!!
17. Pack an emergency kit: Bandaids, safety pins, glue, etc.
18. Pack extra tights!!
19. Make sure you have all the accessories for your costume
20. Check your girl dancer in at the dressing room. Check boys in at the assigned dressing room. You will pick up at the same place you drop off. 23. Doors open 1⁄2 hour before show time.
25. Turn off all cell phones and pagers. Please no texting in the audience.
26. Enjoy the show!!
This is going to be a great show. Thank you for all your support in following our guidelines.